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Restoring a Farmhouse in Tuscany with an English Speaking Construction Firm

restaurare casale toscana con ditta edile che parla inglese Biemem Restauri di Firenze

Restoring a ruin in Tuscany and turning it into a beautiful farmhouse or cottage to be furnished is a dream that can become a reality thanks to experienced construction firms.

If you live abroad, farmhouse restoration activities can be more complicated, but not if you rely on anEnglish-speaking construction company.

We at Biemme Restauri, for example, are native English speakers and are accustomed to interfacing with international clients to make their dream come true: the renovation of a farmhouse in Tuscany that allows them to transform a ruin into a valuable property.


How to Find a Property for Renovation in Tuscany for Sale

If you are a foreign client and would like to fulfil your dream of buying a home in Italy, perhaps in the Tuscan countryside, you might consider buying a ruin for renovation.

This operation will allow you to save money in the immediate purchase price and to be able to fully redesign the house by custom designing it for you.

Once the renovation is underway, you will have access to a wealth of materials and finishes that will make your property truly unique, from a resin bathroom to a masonry pool in your backyard.

But the question is, how do you find a property for renovation in Tuscany that is for sale?

If you speak Italian, have some intermediary in Italy, or know the local real estate market it might be fairly easy to find the right property.

But if not, finding a property to renovate in Tuscany could be a long and obstacle-filled path, which is why we recommend you contact a Property Hunter in Tuscany.

Restoring an Abandoned Farmhouse in Italy

Restoring an Abandoned Farmhouse in Italy is nowadays a very popular choice, especially among foreign investors.

Buying a house in Italy, in fact, can be a really good investment as the country has always thrived on tourism and the trend is growing rapidly.

Many foreign investors, therefore, decide to buy an abandoned farmhouse in Tuscany to restore. By doing so, they turn a ruin into a valuable property and then convert it into a luxury resort or cozy farmhouse nestled among the vineyards.

Also not to be underestimated, if the house purchased is surrounded by land, there is the possibility of transforming the property into a farm for the production of two Italian excellences: oil and wine.

Again, even in the area of oil and wine production we find ourselves in a market that knows no crisis.

Budget for Buying a Farmhouse to Renovate in Tuscany

The budget for buying a farmhouse to renovate in Tuscany can obviously change from case to case.

First of all, it depends a lot on the area and the cost per square meter of the properties in the area. For example, a ruin to be restored in Chianti will have a significantly higher value than a ruin located in a less touristy area such as Mugello.

On many real estate ad portals, one can find farmhouses to be restored for a few thousand euros. Therefore, it will not be strange to find among the ads a 4-room ruin for 3,500€.

Consider, however, that in these cases you have to intervene with strong structural work because, for example, in many cases it is only the falling walls, without the roof.

Obviously in these cases you have to tear down and rebuild everything, keeping if possible some original elements.

Therefore, in the budget for buying a farmhouse to renovate in Tuscany, we must also budget for the renovation costs and consider that on average renovating a house in Tuscany can cost 1,200 € per square meter for a total restoration including connection to services.

Partial restorations, obviously, have a much lower price per square meter.

Tuscan Farmhouse Renovation Project

We at Biemme Restauri have over 20 years of experience in Tuscan farmhouse renovation and, being an English-speaking construction company, we often work with clients who live abroad and want to realize their dream of owning a home in Tuscany.

We have worked on many renovation projects of Tuscan farmhouses and typical architecture in our area, but the project we hold most dear to our hearts is what we call "Project Zero," our family home in the beautiful Tuscan countryside just outside Florence.

We put all our heart and passion into this project, buying and restoring an old, disused ruin to shine among the hills of Pontassieve.

A radical restoration of the buildings and the redevelopment of the outdoor area with the creation of the garden, veranda, masonry retaining fences, irrigation system and lighting allowed the transformation.

From a Ruin to a Restored Tuscan Farmhouse with Breathtaking Views

rudere casale toscano rinnovato con biemme restaduri

Renovating Your Tuscan Property: 3 Basic Rules to Keep in Mind

If you are a foreign investor or live abroad but have decided to buy a home in Tuscany for family vacations, you should know that finding the right property to renovate could be time-consuming if you don't lean on experts on the ground.

Having partners on site who speak English is for all intents and purposes a real advantage that will really make the realization of your dream easier.

We at Biemme Restauri have long experience in renovation for international clientele (we are native English speakers) so we want to share our best tips with you.

Here are 3 basic rules for renovating your Tuscan property:

  1. hire a construction company that speaks English;

  2. choose a firm that has a strong list of technicians and collaborators who can assist you (architect, engineer, notary, etc.);

  3. evaluate only firms that have a proven track record in Tuscan farmhouses.

Getting your hands on a Tuscan farmhouse, in fact, is not for everyone because it is really important to know specific construction techniques such as drywall construction, but also specific materials such as outdoor terracotta flooring.

It sounds like a detail but a company with long experience in Tuscan farmhouses really makes a difference!

Do you want to restore a Farmhouse in Tuscany with an English Speaking Construction Firm?

Contact us Without Commitment for a Free Estimate.

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