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Garden Construction and Renovation of Outdoor Spaces in Tuscany

realizzazione giardino e riqualificazione spazi esterni in Toscana

Those who live in the Tuscan countryside, or who own a green space, certainly pay attention to the care and maintenance of their garden.

The creation of a garden, as well as the redevelopment of outdoor spaces, are important activities that are increasingly appreciated by all those who want to get the most out of their homes, both inside and out.

Taking care of one's outdoor space means increased comfort and liveability of the entire structure, without thinking about the resulting increase in property value.

Many outdoor spaces are in need of redevelopment because they have been left unattended, have not been cared for in years, or even just because the spaces are poorly and inefficiently used.

The redevelopment of outdoor spaces in Tuscany is a popular activity because the many farmhouses in the region's hills often need building restoration work, both inside and out.


Construction Work in the Garden Without Permits

Construction work in the garden is made up of multiple different tasks, but some of it can be undertaken without permits.

In general, construction work in the garden is used to improve its livability, upgrading the outdoor space and making it as comfortable as possible. In fact, during the warm season, the garden, as well as the outdoor space, corresponds to a real extra room!

It is very likely that during the summer or the warm moments of spring and autumn we take advantage of the outdoor space for pleasant lunches or dinners with friends. Everything must therefore be designed to make the most of this experience.

Building work in the garden without permits includes, of course, landscaping and other minor ancillary work, such as:

  • making masonry barbecues;

  • installing planters;

  • installing stone sculptures;

  • making stone or masonry benches;

  • creating a masonry wood oven.

We at Biemme Restauri have a long and proven track record in the work of upgrading outdoor spaces in Tuscany, thanks to our more than 25 years of work in the area and our specialization in Tuscan farmhouse renovation.

Garden Paving

Garden paving is something that must be done with care, choosing the best materials according to the specific needs of the owner.

Therefore, it is important to ask whether the paving should be drivable, non-slip, mold-resistant and what other technical characteristics it should have. Should it have good resistance to weather, frost and low temperatures?

Having ascertained all the technical aspects that the paving material must have, it is also important to do some thinking from a design point of view. If the garden is an annexe of a farmhouse in Tuscany, for example, it is important to use materials that can be harmoniously integrated into the surroundings.

For garden paving in Tuscany, we at Biemme Restauri, for example, prefer traditional materials with excellent weather resistance.

We make and restore terracotta floors for exteriors that are perfectly drivable and durable. Outdoor terracotta, in addition to providing warmth, beauty and charm to the rooms, offers really important features for the best experience of outdoor spaces as they are very resistant to most weather conditions.

Our garden paving in Tuscany can also be made with magnificent stone pavers. Stone, in fact, is the typical masonry of Tuscan villages and building material that has always been used locally.

Among the most commonly used types of Tuscan stone for paving are:

  • Pietra Forte Fiorentina,

  • Alberese Stone,

  • Pietra Serena.

Garden Dividing Walls

riqualificazione spazi esterni con muretti divisori in toscana

Garden dividing walls are an excellent solution for dividing spaces and optimizing areas of one's green area.

There can be many necessary parts, including making stone walls, containing flower beds, separating the pool area from the rest of the garden, and making outdoor parking spaces.

There are many ideas for dividing garden walls, our advice is, again, to respect the surrounding context in the choice of materials.

Making beautiful stone garden walls, perhaps with dry stone walls, is a great way to have dividers of great quality and taste, in keeping with a rustic context such as that of country houses or farmhouses in Tuscany.

Outdoor Wood-Burning Oven in Masonry in Tuscany

An outdoor masonry wood stove is a garden accessory that does not require any kind of building permit.

Wood-burning ovens made of stone or masonry were typical of Tuscan country homes as a real means of cooking for farmers: bread, focaccia, and anything else needed to feed the family was cooked inside.

Therefore, making an outdoor masonry wood-fired oven means not only being able to have an efficient cooking tool, but also continuing to uphold local Tuscan traditions.

Moreover, the design and value of one's property will also benefit from the presence of this furniture, which is so useful and beautiful to look at.

Outdoor Masonry Barbeque in Tuscany

Historically, cooking in the countryside, especially in outdoor spaces, was entrusted to the wood stove. Today, styles and tastes have changed, and more and more people are looking for an Outdoor Masonry Barbeque.

Making an outdoor masonry barbeque means you can depend on a solid piece of equipment, a flawless cooking tool with large dimensions (or custom sizes tailored to your outdoor space).

Convenient, practical and easy to use, it does not require any kind of maintenance but rather adds a touch of style to your beautiful garden.


How much does an outdoor wood stove cost?

There are many factors involved in making an outdoor wood stove, particularly if it is custom-made. In general, the price of construction starts at 500€.

What mortar to use to build a wood stove?

Who makes an outdoor masonry barbeque?


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