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Property Hunter in Tuscany: How to Buy Home in Tuscany

property hunter toscana come comprare casa in toscana con biemme restauri

Buying a house in Tuscany is the dream for many foreigners who wish to spend their summer vacations, or their retirement, in a place with a warm climate and where the lifestyle allows them to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

Many tourists visiting Tuscany, fascinated by the beauty of the area, decide for this precise reason to move here, buying a beautiful house in the middle of the hilly countryside, or buying a property as an investment.

Tuscany, in fact, allows one to live in a fabulous countryside without being isolated from civilization as the small villages as well as the beautiful hills are all perfectly connected to the larger towns and cities.

So in Tuscany it is possible to live immersed in the silence and greenery of nature but, at the same time, be within a 15-minute drive of Florence. A nice convenience.

For those who live abroad and do not speak Italian, however, it may not be easy to buy a home in Tuscany, which is why many interested parties turn to property hunter services in Tuscany.

If you too are interested in buying a beautiful farmhouse in Chianti or any other paradise in Tuscany in this article you will find the guide for you. Let's start your home search right away, let's see together what property hunters are and how to buy a home in Tuscany!


Can Foreigners Buy Property in Tuscany?

Certainly, everyone, including foreigners, can buy property in Tuscany.

The problem is that for those who are not local, do not speak the language and are not familiar with Italian bureaucracy, it can be really complex to access a property for sale.

It is known that bureaucracy in Italy is not an easy thing (not even for Italians themselves!), so those unfamiliar with it may experience hiccups during the path to purchase, as well as even delays on the whole process.

Language can then be a real obstacle because not everyone in Italy speaks English, and communicating with architects, engineers, consultants as well as public officials is really crucial when buying property in Tuscany.

How can this problem be solved? By relying on on-site professionals who can mediate for you. For example, we at Biemme Restauri, are a construction company in Florence with native English-speaking staff.

For years we have been working alongside foreign clients in the buying and selling of properties in Tuscany, managing the construction renovations for them but also assisting them in all related paperwork.

We interface with notaries, architects and all public administration so that the dream of a home in Tuscany is truly worry-free and stress-free.

Many foreign buyers and investors have found in Biemme Restauri a truly strategic partner to materialize their purchase in Tuscany.

Is Buying House in Tuscany a Good Investment?

Many people ask us whether buying a house in Tuscany is a good investment.

Tuscany has always been a land of tourism, welcoming thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.

Despite the crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the data speak for themselves: the recovery is sharp and very significant. In fact, the Regional Economic Planning Institute of Tuscany (IRPET) already has noted of an increase in tourism of +43.2% in 2021.

Tourism in Tuscany is not stopping and indeed, if anything, it is restarting stronger than before.

Moreover, the trend of staying in Tuscany is changing, again due to the Covid emergency. Before, tourists were concentrated in art cities such as Florence, Siena, Pisa and Lucca. Today they prefer the countryside, perhaps a nice farmhouse nestled among expanses of vineyards and olive groves to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

Rural structures, such as Tuscan farmhouses, are nowadays an excellent investment to turn them into a resort or agritourism ready to welcome tourists all year round.

Is Tuscany Affordable to Live in?

Another question that our foreign clients intending to buy a house in Tuscany to perhaps move there after retirement often ask us is: is Tuscany affordable to live in?

Obviously, it all depends on the personal standard of living but on average yes, Tuscany is a rather affordable place to live.

Average prices in Tuscany are quite low and you can still access village markets where fruits and vegetables, typical products and other delicacies are sold at quite reasonable prices.

The lifestyle in Tuscany is relaxed, accompanied with good food, friendly and affable people. To be comfortable and feel good in these beautiful places you don't need much, a nice house surrounded by greenery really offers you so much already.

In Tuscany you are well off, and if you avoid tourist cities like Florence and Siena the cost of living can be low.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a House in Italy?

Buying a house in Italy is the dream of many, but before proceeding with the purchase there are a few things to know.

As we said above, the bureaucracy in Italy is quite complex and requires meticulous attention.

Before buying a house in Italy or Tuscany, it is important to carry out some preliminary checks such as:

  • check the Certifications and Documentation of the Property;

  • check the energy class;

  • check whether mortgages are present;

  • check the zoning documentation;

  • make sure that any condominium fees have been paid.

Some of these checks will be done by your notary, prior to the deed, as well as by your engineer.

But what if you do not have a technician in Italy and do not know a notary? What if your contacts you have on the ground do not speak English? In this case you have to rely on firms that specialize in home renovation and in buying and selling in Italy, like Biemme Restauri in Tuscany.

We at Biemme Restauri are native English speakers and we can provide you with all the professionals you need: notary, architect, engineer, etc...

We can liaise with your technicians if you already have them and assist you in the whole bureaucratic process.

Is there an MLS in Italy?

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is an active system in the U.S. and Europe for sharing real estate among realtors.

This shared database of properties allows real estate agents to better meet the needs of buyers and sellers.

The MLS originated in the US and has been active since the 20th century, while it has only been present in Europe for a few decades.

In Italy, however, there is no real MLS, so foreign investors cannot rely on this service.

It pays to rely on a Property Hunter in Tuscany

If you want to buy a home in Tuscany but have no contacts in the area and do not know the local real estate market then finding the right property on the right terms could be complex and very time-consuming.

That is why many agencies offer a professional property hunting service in Tuscany.

Once you have defined the characteristics of the property you are looking for they will investigate the Tuscan real estate market for you by proposing properties tailored to your needs.

Very often this service proves to be a winning choice in terms of saving time and simplifying the buying process.

Buying Property in Tuscany: A Step-by-Step Guide

For all those who want to buy property in Tuscany but live abroad, we provide a useful guide.

Step 1: Locate the Property

The first thing to do, also to get an idea of the market, is to locate a property for sale in Tuscany.

As we have said in Italy there is no real MLS so buyers will have to search on their own among the many proposals they find on the internet on the sites of local real estate agencies.

Many real estate agencies in Tuscany, however, do not have an English or multilingual site.

Therefore, to orient themselves in choosing their property, the right solution may be to turn to broker agencies that perform the service of property hunter. Once you clarify the characteristics of the property you want they will be the ones to search for you.

Step 2: Locate an English-speaking Building Company.

Many houses in Tuscany are in need of renovation as they are old farmhouses that need structural work or even minor interior renovation.

A construction company in Tuscany that speaks English will be able to best understand your needs and interface smoothly with your technicians. We at Biemme Restauri who are native English speakers know how important this is.

Step 3: Dealing with Bureaucracy.

When buying a house in Italy, the bureaucratic part is something that should not be underestimated.

We therefore recommend:

  1. choose a trustworthy notary;

  2. inquire about the taxes to be paid to buy a property in Italy;

  3. rely on local technicians who can make an inspection of the property and carry out a proper evaluation.

Step 4: Start Renovation Work.

Once the purchase has been completed, it will be necessary to hire a construction company to start the renovation work.

The construction company itself will be the one to apply for permits for you from the municipality and relevant agencies, providing you with an architect or interior designer if you wish, to make the purchased house exactly as you want it.

Many foreign investors are increasingly looking for large farmhouses to restore, in good structural condition with the original finishes. This allows them to restore a country house and turn it into a valuable property.

How Much Will Renovation Work Cost for a House in Tuscany?

Obviously, the cost of renovation work on a house in Tuscany depends on many variables such as the state of the property and the types of interventions or finishes required by the client.

On average, renovating a house in Tuscany can cost €1,200 per square meter for a total restoration including connection to utilities, new roof, floors, new electrical, plumbing, heating, windows, doors, etc.

Partial restorations obviously have a much lower price per square meter.

We recommend that renovation work be entrusted to specialized Tuscan firms such as Biemme Restauri, who know how Italian houses are built, know their construction techniques and the typical materials used.

Is Buying a Ruin in Tuscany a Good Investment?

Buying a Ruin in Tuscany can be a very good investment.

The purchase price of a ruin is very low, plus in most of Tuscany it is extremely difficult to get permission to build a new building.

By buying a ruin you automatically get the volume of a house, you can keep some original features if there are any left and reuse the stone. It can be one of the best ways to invest and get a virtually new house at an affordable price.

How much does a masonry pool cost in Tuscany?

Once you have purchased and renovated your home in Tuscany, the icing on the cake can be building a beautiful pool.

We at Biemme Restauri have long experience in building masonry swimming pools in Tuscany of all shapes and sizes.

The cost of a masonry pool depends on the size, shape and sometimes other factors such as the accessibility of the site.

An average figure is about € 50,000 but even less if the pool to be built is small. For this reason, we at Biemme Restauri always make customized estimates.

Do You Want to Buy Home in Tuscany?

Contact us Without Commitment for a Free Estimate.

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