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Excavation and Earthmoving in Florence: Permits, Penalties and Who to Contact

scavi e movimento terra a firenze

It is often necessary to carry out excavation work of any kind on construction sites; these are structural operations to be carried out with professionalism, organization and, of course, in full compliance with relevant regulations.

We at Biemme Restauri are a construction company in Florence specializing in farmhouse renovations, from the smallest interventions to more structural works that require excavation and earthmoving work.


Earth moving and Excavation

On construction sites you often see earth moving machines in action, but sometimes also on private land and in residential gardens.

It may not seem like it but there are actually many reasons why earth moving work needs to be done, just think of:

  • earthwork excavations,

  • excavations of narrow sections,

  • excavations inside buildings,

  • excavations for plinths,

  • excavations for swimming pools,

  • excavations for sewers, supply and installation of cisterns and septic tanks,

  • realization of subirrigation,

  • excavation and implementation of phyto-purifiation,

  • agricultural work,

  • construction of private parking lot,

  • boulders,

  • drainage and road maintenance,

  • shredding,

  • construction of roads, yards, asphalting, green areas, etc.

To carry out earth moving in a workmanlike manner, it is important to turn to a qualified team and an efficient fleet of machines that has been renewed over the years.

Land Levelling Permits

Land levelling is often necessary when works such as a yard or private parking lots are to be carried out.

In these cases, in order to carry out land levelling, it is necessary to apply for the appropriate permits from the relevant municipality.

In fact, the law provides that earth moving and land levelling require a building permit, although in this specific case it is not a real construction. In the case of land levelling, therefore, not applying for the appropriate permits means committing a construction violation and facing penalties.

The need to regulate these works with this severity is due to the fact that even though land levelling is not a construction work, it still goes to drastically change the environment and its intended use.

Earth moving Cost

If you need to carry out earthmoving work, for example, to create flat spaces or terracing in the garden, build yards or parking lots, you should turn to companies that specialize in excavation and earth moving.

It is very important to choose a firm that guarantees the utmost professionalism in terms of accuracy of work, compliance with regulations and safety.

Depending on how the construction company is structured, but also on the region to which it belongs, the cost for earthmoving work can vary. However, there are average reference rates that are more or less similar throughout the country.

How much does Excavation cost per cubic meter?

Earth moving contractors: average costs and reference prices

Starting from:

Earth moving for excavation and earth moving (per cubic meter)

4,50 €

Earthmoving for land filling works (per cubic meter)

4,00 €

Earthmoving for ground levelling works (per cubic meter)

7,00 €

Labor cost for earthmoving works (per hour)

12,00 €

Earth moving Company in Florence

Biemme Restauri provides its clients with utmost professionalism and expertise in the field of excavation and earthmoving, offering tailor-made solutions according to specific customer needs.

Experienced and always up-to-date technical staff, reliability and precision have distinguished us for years in the field, as well as the best and most modern earthmoving machinery.

We always carry out our interventions in the utmost safety, in full compliance with the relevant regulations and agreed timelines.

We are able to perform excavation works of any kind, all the while offering our clients the utmost professionalism. In addition, we guarantee accurate work both in compliance with the specifications and timelines agreed upon with the client.

Earth moving Quote

Depending on the region you are in, if you are looking for an earth moving quote, you can consult many construction portals that aggregate various firms looking for the best quote or the lowest price.

Our advice as industry experts is to not just look at the price but choose the company for professionalism, reliability, and work performed.

It may not seem like it but this attention during the quotation phase in certain cases really makes a difference as it allows you not to find yourself in situations where the company turns out to be not punctual on the project delivery (lengthening the time by leaps and bounds) or, in some cases, to start with a low and competitive quotation price but then having to pull out more money during the course of the work.

At Biemme Restauri, we guarantee the utmost seriousness and transparency, always offering inspections to assess the client's needs and create a tailor-made estimate.

Penalties for Unauthorized Earthmoving

Regarding penalties for unauthorized earthmoving we refer directly to the Gazetta Ufficiale, which in this matter states: "Whoever, in violation of the provisions of Art. 30 paragraph 5 carries out earth moving in excavation or backfill in the absence of the prescribed authorization is punished with an administrative fine from 20.00 euros to 200.00 euros, to which are added from 3.00 euros to 21.00 euros for each cubic meter of soil moved or its fraction."

This is an excerpt from Art. 69 on Administrative Penalties for Violation of Provisions on Hydrogeological Constraints (or in Italian Art. 69 relativo alle Sanzioni amministrative per violazione alle disposizioni in materia di vincolo idrogeologico)

How is the Trenching Excavation Calculated?

Before explaining the formula for calculating the earthwork excavation, it is appropriate to clarify what is meant by levelling a ground.

Levelling a ground means turning an uneven surface into a flat surface that can be horizontal or sloping. This is achieved by earth movements made by earth moving or carryovers or both. Therefore, in order to calculate overburden excavation, it is necessary to carry out a study of levelling, which among other things includes the calculation of red elevations (design elevation minus soil elevation).

Basically, ground levelling is achieved in two ways:

  • by means of a predetermined elevation plan,

  • by means of a compensation plan between earthwork and backfill.

The volume formula for making the calculation depends on the shape of the surface to be overburdened, whether prismoid or cylindroid Torricelli's formula is valid: V = h/6 (S1 + 4 Sm + S2).


Who performs earth moving work?

Earthmoving work is carried out by specialized earth moving firms that have appropriate machinery and qualified technical personnel.

What does earth moving consist of?

What types of construction excavations are there?

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