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Custom Marble Kitchens: Materials, Costs and Realizations

Cucina su misura in marmo
Custom Marble Kitchen

Furnishing every space in the home with style and functionality means being able to enjoy an elegant and comfortable environment. This is especially true for Masonry Kitchens and those kitchen area built with the “open space” concept. There is no doubt that in order to create a space suitable for culinary preparations and that meets personal standards of beauty and practicality, custom marble kitchens should be considered.

Custom kitchens: what are they and when to choose them

The custom kitchen is a product that allows you to express your creativity to meet specific personal needs.

In addition, this kind of option allows you to make the most of every single square inch, and this is something to keep in mind when you start designing your kitchen.

From a conceptual point of view, a custom kitchen is a product that can be completely molded to the characteristics of the room you have by allowing you to choose all the main features such as the materials and finishes of the door, the type of marble for the top, the plinth, and above all the configuration.

With a custom kitchen, you are able to develop an optimal design capable of overcoming somewhat what are the limits imposed by the present space.

This means that this kind of product can be considered in the case of very large rooms or extremely small rooms with constraints from the architectural point of view.

By turning to a company that specializes in the creation of custom marble and masonry kitchens, you are able to obtain a product that is taken care of with a handcrafted approach and that allows you to choose a fine wood, appliances of your interest and high-quality finishes. Instead of a standardized approach, you get a unique and exclusive product that will not be found anywhere else.

There are no specific situations in which it is appropriate and essential to choose a custom kitchen because you can design it to fit anywhere!

The important thing is to know how to best organize the space at the design stage, respecting the minimum measurements in order to be able to cook and move without hindrance regardless of whether you opt for a kitchen with an island, peninsula, linear or corner.

To optimize the design, it is good to leverage your habits and the experience you have had at the stove because it is only in this way you realize what is essential to ensure and then leave room for creativity and desire for style.

Marble for kitchens, types and costs

Making a custom kitchen out of marble means taking advantage of a natural material that offers many advantages not only from an aesthetic point of view.

Marble gives the room a greater feeling of space and brightness, and this certainly helps in a place where people habitually spend many hours of the day.

There are several types of marble available on the market that are suitable for use in the kitchen to achieve the top or for other stylish elements.

The choice is purely aesthetic in nature because there are different options that can be considered that require different costs.

In particular, for those who want to go for a rather muted color perhaps in white or pink, the option to consider is Perlino di Sicilia, which is quarried in the Trapani area and costs around 200 euros per square meter.

Marmo Perlato di Sicilia
Perlino marble (Sicily)

If, on the other hand, you want to give a greater touch of color and originality to your custom kitchen, you can opt for Verona Red marble, which has basically the same cost.

Alternatively, there is travertine that is quarried mainly in the city of Tivoli and is available in beige or again in red with a slightly higher price by about ten euros per square meters compared with the previous two options.

If, on the other hand, you want to create an environment in which the predominant shades are gray and therefore there is a greater focus on modernity, you can opt for Grigio Carnico marble quarried in Udine with costs that can be as high as 250 euros per square meter. In fact, there are many other equally important products on the market such as white Carrara marble which is a much lower price ranging between 60 and 100 euros per square meter or one can choose marble slightly tending to green such as serpentine marble quarried in the Prato area with a cost of 150 euros per square meter.

Marmo Bianco di Carrara
Carrara white marble

The variability of colors is really very important, just think that one can choose a shade tending to yellow as in the case of yellow from Istria quarried in Croatia and imported to Italy with a cost of about 200 euros. There are no great differences from the point of view of physical resistance and deafness, but there is a discourse mainly marked by aesthetic requirements.

The black marble kitchen: advantages and features

In recent years, there is a fairly widespread trend in choosing rather muted colors even in the kitchen area, but in reality, this could be a great disadvantage if you think about the use of this room and the possibility of easy soiling and consequently the need to clean constantly.

Custom kitchens made with black marble, nevertheless, are very popular. We are talking about a product of great excellence and it is no coincidence that a version known as Nero Portoro or Portovenere extracted in the La Spezia area is available on the market with costs that are around 250 euros per square meter.

Marmo Nero Portoro di Portovenere (La Spezia)
Black Marble Portoro

From an aesthetic point of view, black marble in a kitchen offers a greater feeling of elegance. Among other things, black marble makes it possible to avoid having to engage in daily thorough cleaning of various surfaces to remove stains caused during the preparation of a first course.

There are unquestionable advantages that must be taken into account at the design stage because contrary to what you may believe a custom kitchen made with black marble guarantees important features because the product is certainly durable and many advantages when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

White marble kitchens: advantages and features

The alternative solution to the black marble kitchen is white marble. In this case it allows the room to appear brighter by giving a feeling of additional space available.

White marble fits perfectly with the modern style that wants simple lines and rather light shades.

The main differences are mainly aesthetic compared to solutions with, for example, black marble or marble tending toward red or beige.

One must, of course, optimize the design by choosing doors and finishes that suit white marble by looking for a slightly darker wood shade to highlight the marble finishes.

Marble kitchen island: elegance and practicality

isola della cucina in marmo

In recent years there is a trend in the design and manufacture of custom kitchens to take advantage of the main features of the kitchen island.

This is a configuration imported from the United States of America and more generally from the Anglo-Saxon world that allows for an environment that is probably more practical but also elegant.

This concept is further optimized by the possibility of providing an island finished with marble regardless of the style and colors.

First of all, one must be shrewd in the design phase to assess whether one can achieve the practicality that the island configuration allows.

Additionally, you have to respect the spaces by trying to preserve at least 1 meter free on all sides of the island otherwise you may not be able to open drawers or move unimpeded. It is necessary to keep in mind that the kitchen is certainly a design space of the house, but above all it is the place where meals are prepared for the family starting from breakfast in the morning to dinner in the evening and a mistake in the design phase could make it disadvantageous and not very useful.

Certainly, the island helps to optimize the kitchen configuration because you can choose to move the cooking part to the island and leave the sink in the linear part. You can also do it backwards or choose a very large island that allows both the sink and the cooktop to fit. It will be easier for the user to prepare food while also optimizing the electrical outlets for the use of various appliances.

Marble sink in the kitchen: advantages, resistance and how to clean it

When deciding to develop the creation of a custom kitchen, there is the possibility of being able to include any kind of element with exclusive finishes of various kinds.

Particularly with regard to kitchens, it is also possible to provide for the inclusion of a marble sink. With this option you can choose a minimalist design with extreme elegance that becomes very useful when washing dishes.

Very often people are concerned about the durability of a marble sink and the cleaning that might appear as rather complicated. Actually, marble in this respect can work well especially if quality marble is chosen.

However, to optimize its beauty and especially to avoid situations that could compromise the beauty of this part of the custom kitchen, it is necessary to clean and use specific products. First of all, one must use a neutral detergent such as classic Marseille soap along with warm water.

In addition, a tip to be able to avoid damage from the aesthetic point of view for marble is to clean it frequently in order to maintain the luster of the material for a long time.

Let's say that in order to achieve an aesthetic result, it is enough to clean it thoroughly at least two or at most three times a week. In addition, care should be taken in drying the marble after using the sink with a soft microfiber cloth, and this is essential to avoid any stains created by limescale.

Should there unfortunately be any limestone stains, you can proceed with steel wool by rubbing it lightly to remove that characteristic halo. Also, to achieve a shiny marble in the sink as well, you can use baking soda with a little water.

Marble kitchen countertops: practical and durable

To properly complete the design and implementation of a custom marble kitchen, one must choose the most suitable kitchen countertop.

Marble offers the right compromise between aesthetic beauty and durability. In fact, it is suitable for food preparation and does not stain.

Prices for making a kitchen countertop depend on many aspects such as the type of marble, the shape of the kitchen, and the work that needs to be done.

In general, a marble countertop that allows for practicality and durability can cost from a minimum of 100 euros per linear meter to a maximum of 950 euros per linear meter.

The marble kitchen top enhances the desire for style and allows an excellent compressed for all the features that should be ensured with a rather simple cleaning.

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