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Masonry Kitchens: What They Are and Who Makes Them in Florence

cucine in muratura realizzate da artigiani

Making a masonry kitchen means creating an environment that is completely personalized, unique and above all suitable for all the needs of the family.

The kitchen is synonymous with cosiness and hospitality and for this reason, it must be cared for in every aspect.

A variety of materials can be used to build a masonry kitchen, such as stone, marble, wood or any other material in order to create and design a unique and inimitable style that perfectly suits the customer's taste.

There are a number of different styles to choose from, including modern masonry kitchen, traditional, rustic and many others: you are spoiled for choice! Biemme Restauri is aconstruction company in Florence specializing in building restoration, thanks to our long experience in the field we can provide useful advice on how to design a masonry kitchen.


Guide to masonry kitchens

The kitchen is the centre of the home: it is not only the place where you eat and prepare food but also the place where you spend the most time during the day, where you welcome guests, friends and relatives. For this reason, the kitchen plays a fundamental role in any home.

It is necessary, therefore, that it is designed and cared for down to the smallest details, starting from the materials and continuing on to the smallest finishing touches since the kitchen is the calling card of an entire home and must be treated as it deserves.

In this short guide, we at Biemme Restauri will provide you with our best tips for designing a masonry kitchen perfect for you and your family.

We’ll look at a number of different styles, from traditional style to modern style and even the shabby chic style, so famous, especially in recent years. Your imagination is the only limitation to what we can do. When you rely on experts in the field to receive the highest professionalism, safety is guaranteed.

Masonry kitchen design

Masonry kitchens must be designed according to the space you have, and the design must be perfectly aligned to the walls of the room.

The design must, therefore, be carefully controlled in order to avoid going beyond the allowed space.

Attention must also b

e paid to the compartments where you are going to put appliances and thus take the appropriate measurements. Following this theoretical design, we can move on to the actual work.

The masonry kitchen is made with perforated bricks, which are then plastered. After this, we move on to the finishing of the kitchen, which can be done, depending on taste, in a variety of ways: concrete covered with simple tiles, resin, wood, marble and much more.

Resin coating is recommended for those who want to give more endurance to the kitchen as it is a material with excellent mechanical and physical properties resulting in resistance to chemicals, shocks and even cuts.

For those who want a touch of colour to the environment can also opt for beautiful and colourful ceramic tiles, which always give a beautiful finish to the kitchen.

Modern masonry kitchens

A modern masonry kitchen is an ideal choice for those who like a minimal, bold style but without sacrificing style and elegance.

This type of kitchen has well-delineated, precise and sharp contours. What colours and materials can you choose for a modern masonry kitchen? We at Biemme Restauri recommend you use resin, to give your kitchen more strength, or modern tiles, perhaps alternating colours and patterns.

As for colours, they should be light and bright. Most of all white stands out in all its variants, but they also create a very special and pleasant effect of black, perhaps alternating it with light grey, very dark grey, cream, beige and even light brown. A colour that gives elegance and style without weighing down the room is without a doubt taupe and all its shades.

To give more character to the modern masonry kitchen, the accessories should be properly chosen and also the materials should be appropriate to the whole: steel, plastic or metal are suitable materials, perhaps all adorned with LED lights running along the walls.

Of course, the cabinetry should also be carefully selected according to the style of the kitchen, matching colours, textures and shapes, perhaps opting for light or grey unfinished wood cabinets with concrete-effect masonry and stainless-steel appliances.

Rustic masonry kitchens

The rustic masonry kitchen is synonymous with tradition and the past and stirs in everyone many memories related to their childhood and their grandparents' homes.

This type of kitchen is suitable for furnishing a beautiful country or seaside home, but nowadays it can also be applied in city houses and apartments, perhaps shaping it with a more contemporary style.

To make this type of kitchen, Biemme Restauri recommends not just choosing the classic neutral and rough wood. You can give an extra touch of personality to your home also by choosing coloured woods, not only white but also black, grey or a nice dark red. On the other hand, if you love the classic style and do not want to stray too far from traditions, you can opt for classic wood or simply white, grey or beige tiles.

Shabby chic masonry kitchens

The shabby chic style masonry kitchen in recent years has become a real catchphrase.

This style is perfect for those who cannot decide between rustic or modern style and therefore opt for both. In fact, the shabby chic style is a real mix of antique and contemporary, with a retro and romantic touch.

For lovers of traditional and timeless kitchens, and antique furniture but with modern functionality, then the shabby chic masonry kitchen is ideal for combining comfort and tradition.

We at Biemme Restauri recommend you make this type of kitchen in wood, stone or marble. As for the finishes, however, it is ideal to use white brick or exposed tiles.

Colours should be warm, soft colours such as beige, cream or sand colour, but the "shabby chic" colour by definition is definitely white. Decorative objects and furniture also demand to be chosen correctly.

Shelves, furniture and countertops should be made of wood, while decorative accessories made of porcelain or glass. Not forgetting the style of appliances: they should combine innovation and tradition; therefore, it is recommended to opt for light colours and round, regular shapes.

Masonry kitchens with an island

Masonry kitchens with an island are perfect for those who have plenty of space and want to make full use of it.

The island is a space appreciated for its extreme versatility. With it, depending on your needs, you can decide to include on one side the cooking area and various worktops, while on the other side the area where you can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

It is an excellent solution to optimize space and again, you can have fun and give free rein to your imagination by combining different styles, colours and shapes according to your tastes. It is ideal for large families but also for those who love to cook and beautify their kitchen with many accessories and appliances.

Outdoor masonry kitchens in verandas

How beautiful and convenient are outdoor masonry kitchens on verandas! They are perfect for those with large terraces or spacious gardens. Partying with friends on hot summer evenings, cooking plenty of food without suffering from the heat, organizing barbecues and last-minute dinners: the outdoor masonry kitchen can become a real object of desire.

If you plan to make this type of kitchen, comfortable and practical, we experts at Biemme Restauri recommend that you make it out of concrete or brick so that it is more resistant to weathering that could damage it.

We do not recommend the use of wood because it is a material subject to greater decay than bricks. Also perfect are colourful tiles that create a dynamic and fun environment without sacrificing style. Among other things, you can also install a wood-burning oven or grill so that everything is within reach.

This type of kitchen does not necessarily require large outdoor spaces: even a small area is enough and everything can be created to measure, all that is needed is a good and appropriate design.

Cupboards for masonry kitchens

ante per cucine in muratura in stile rustico

What cupboards to choose for your masonry kitchen? Don't worry, Biemme Restauri takes care of that. Cupboards are indispensable in a kitchen because they enclose and store food, dishes and everything else a kitchen contains.

They can be made of wood or resin in any colour you want. The design must, of course, be appropriate to the style you’ve chosen. Lacquered doors are impressive because of their smooth, glossy surface. Glass doors are also very popular and will certainly give an extra edge to your kitchen.

Whatever your choice, rely on the reliability and professionalism of the experienced craftsmen of the leading company in Florence Biemme Restauri. We are ready to meet your every need and satisfy all your requests by offering all the support we can, from the design of your kitchen to its implementation.

We offer free inspections to make the most of your projects and create the one that best suits you and your environment. With us, your kitchen and your home will be as you have always dreamed.

We not only deal with design but also specialize in the practical implementation of interior works such as kitchens and doors as well as building restoration and renovation of all rooms in the house. We are also experts in the redevelopment of outdoor spaces, and in this regard, we use only first-rate materials and neglect no detail.

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