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Cheap Italian Properties: Ruins for Restoration

proprietà italiane economiche: un rudere da restaurare

Many foreign investors and others are looking for inexpensive Italian properties and, in this case, the choice often falls on a ruin to be restored.

Investing in a ruin to be restored, for example, in Tuscany is definitely a good investment because it allows one to purchase at a good price a structure that will probably be almost entirely rebuilt but that benefits, for example, from a privileged location immersed in the Tuscan countryside where land prices per square meter are decidedly high.

On the other hand, for those who are looking for a property that is practically ready or only needs to be modernized, it may not be the right investment, but for those who have the time and desire to renovate an old ruin by transforming it into a splendid villa or a beautiful farmhouse then they really cannot miss the opportunity.


Cheap Italian Properties: Where to Find a Ruin to Restore

If you are looking for a ruin to restore in Tuscany there are several ways you can go about finding the right property that suits your needs.

If you are in the area or have the possibility to reach Tuscany easily then the best solution is to go in person to real estate agencies that specialize in the local market, they will know how to best guide you in the selection of the property.

From experience we can tell you that it is particularly important to go to local agencies, which therefore know the Tuscan territory and its real estate market very well.

If, on the other hand, you do not have the possibility of physically reaching Tuscany today, you can do everything directly online by consulting the ads on many industry sites.

Many sites dedicated to buying and selling real estate in Tuscany have a special section devoted to rustic farmhouses and ruins in need of restoration. You are spoiled for choice. Below are the main sites where you can browse ads for cheap properties for sale in Italy, especially ruins to be restored in Tuscany.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a property of greater prestige and value, you should contact real estate agencies in the luxury sector, such as Romolini Immobiliare or Studio Immobiliare Marinella Coppi.

How Much Do Ruins Cost to Restore

As we said, renovating an inexpensive real estate property is always a good investment, but how much do ruins cost to restore?

Needless to say, the price varies depending on the geographical area and consequently on the real estate market in the area (price per square meter).

For example, buying a ruin to be restored in Chianti will definitely have a higher price than a property located in territories where the price per square meter is significantly lower.

That said, let's see how much ruins to restore in Tuscany cost and what elements influence the price.

The first factor to take into account is the state of the ruin; generally when we talk about a ruin we mean a dilapidated, uninhabitable structure where the walls or little more are left. In these cases, therefore, one practically buys just the land, and the price of building land varies from region to region.

According to some studies it seems that in Italy the region with the highest prices for building land is Liguria, which goes up to 108,000€ per hectare. In the rest of Italy, however, the average price is €40,000 and specifically in Tuscany, €17,000.

Property Renovations in Tuscany (Italy): How Much the Work Costs

As we mentioned above, the costs for just buying the land that houses the ruin to be restored depend from region to region and also on the characteristics of the specific territory in which one is buying.

For example, there are within the same region much more touristy areas where the price per square meter increases considerably compared to the regional average, this is the case in Chianti in Tuscany.

Once we have identified the right ruin and made the purchase, we still have to put into account the work of renovation.

Property renovations in Tuscany, as well as throughout Italy, have costs that vary depending on the state of the property, on average a farmhouse to be renovated in Tuscany can cost €1,200 per square meter for a total restoration including connection to services.

Many foreign clients who want to restore a farmhouse in Tuscany choose a construction company that speaks English, this allows them to start the work with ease and a greater possibility for all the technical figures to interface.

​Construction Firm Specializing in Houses for Renovation

We at Biemme Restauri in Florence have a long experience in building restoration and have helped many foreign clients to buy houses in Tuscany, especially if they are farmhouses to be renovated.

It is the passion that guides us every day in our work and thanks to the continuous research of more and more advanced materials we offer our clients restoration services, without forgetting the past.

Our strength is the 360-degree restoration, from the design to the realization of all parts of the house, working with only craftsmen: from the electrician, plumber, and locksmith all among the best in the industry.

Here are some of our services that our construction company provides in case of farmhouses in need of renovation:

framing of a load-bearing wall;

masonry barbecue renovation;

and more.

​Rustic to be Renovated: the Restoration Project

In the case of a rustic to be renovated, the restoration project is really important and must be studied in every detail to ensure a final performance in terms of time, economic commitments, finishes and materials that adheres as closely as possible to the client's expectations.

We want to share with you what we call our " Project Zero," the story of a project developed over the years that has brought an old disused ruin to shine among the hills of Pontassieve, our home.

It is a 360-degree renovation between exterior and interior, involving multiple professionals in the field.

The exterior facade is totally transformed rediscovering the charm of a rustic farmhouse with a new stone facade.

Once the work on the property (interior and exterior) was completed, the restoration project included the redevelopment of the exterior spaces with the creation of a stone pavement, garden and veranda. From that distant Project Zero to today, Biemme Restauri is a italian construction company that counts great experience in the field for more than 30 years.

Do you want to Restore a Ruin in Tuscany?

Contact us Without Commitment for a Free Estimate.

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