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Building Restoration Tuscany

Restauro Edile in Toscana

Building restoration includes a number of specific activities aimed at preserving and improving the condition of a building’s construction.

These are in principle interventions that include the consolidation, restoration and renovation of the building's constituent elements.

Sometimes, it also may involve the addition of new elements to the original structure (such as accessory elements) but also the removal of any elements.

Building Restoration in Tuscany, given the presence of numerous historic farmhouses and villas in the area, is a widely spread and practised activity, which is why there are numerous construction firms specializing precisely in conservation-restoration.


Conservative Building Restoration

Building restoration and conservation have been regulated in the Italian law L. 457/78 and updated with the current definition provided by Article 3 paragraph 1 letter C of the Testo Unico Edilizia.

Building restoration in principle means an activity aimed at conservation and not transformation. Therefore, it is important not to distort the nature of the building but rather to respect the typological and formal elements of the building.

In the case of a farmhouse renovation in Tuscany, we think how important it is to work in this direction, in order to keep the rural-urban landscape of the territory unaltered.

However, in order to ensure a truly excellent conservative restoration, it is very important that the construction company is precisely specialized in restoration and works with excellent quality standards. From the choice of materials to the knowledge of construction techniques related to the area: these are all fundamental aspects of optimal conservation-restoration.

We at Biemme Restauri, for example, thanks to continuous studies and research into cutting-edge materials, offer our clients services of excellence without ever forgetting the past, thus maintaining the authenticity of each structure.

restauro conservativo su edificio eseguito a Firenze da Biemme Restauri

Building Restoration in Florence

Biemme Restauri of Florence is a Construction Company specializing in Restoration, active throughout the territory of Tuscany. It has specialized in the field of building restoration in Tuscany since 1988, with more than 25 years of experience in renovations of farmhouses and apartments in the Florentine territory.

The construction company has numerous restorations of farmhouses in its portfolio, always offering its clients high prestige materials such as Florentine terracotta and quality services like drywalling.

Among the various restoration companies in Florence, Biemme Restauri, is today a real point of reference in the sector, a reliable partner for all clients who want quality and professionalism.

Building Restoration Tuscany

Our experience and expertise in building renovation in Tuscany has led us to work on numerous projects, from historic apartments in Florence to the restoration of farmhouses immersed in the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

The restoration of farmhouses in Tuscany is precisely one of our strengths in which we boast unparalleled professionalism. We have been restoring farmhouses for over 25 years, using prestigious materials such as Panzano stones. We offer our clients only the best of local building materials such as the splendid Florentine terracotta, always trying to enhance every single aspect and maintain the original charm of the structure.

Our suppliers are among the best in the region, always up-to-date on new innovations of materials and able to satisfy the customer in every need.

We are a reference point for many international clients who want to make real estate investments in Tuscany, buying farmhouses or villas for renovation.

Difference between Renovation and Special Maintenance.

The various types of building interventions are regulated in the Testo Unico dell'Edilizia D.P.R. 380/01. It is thanks to this document that we can understand the difference between Renovation and Special Maintenance.

Often when we talk about building interventions we tend to get confused and in fact, associate the two types of activities.

Building Renovation includes interventions that go to transform the building itself, obtaining as a final result a structure partly or completely different from the original.

These "invasive" interventions can therefore also include the modification or replacement of constituent elements of the building. Demolition and reconstruction of the building as well as change of use can, therefore, also be considered building renovation works.

On the other hand, special maintenance, unlike renovation, includes all those activities aimed at renovating or replacing parts of the buildings and making sanitary or technological installations, all without altering the overall volume or the intended use of the building.

Building Restoration Florence: the Art of Reviving the Past

Florence is an ancient and monumental city, rich in historic palaces and period residences but also apartments inserted within the historic centre.

Preserving all this heritage is certainly a priority, in order to keep the splendour of the past alive.

In the case of building restoration works in Florence, the needs can be really many, but above all it is essential to turn to specialized construction companies.

Restoring an apartment located in a building in the centre of Florence requires construction restoration work done by professionals in the field. There is often the need to create new rooms in a more modern key while still enhancing their true identity.

In a home located in a historic centre, each room has its own characteristic and personality, so it is important to know and have experience of the best techniques of building restoration, as well as to know perfectly all the valuable materials typical of Tuscany.

Stuccoing and whitewashing walls and ceilings, making enamel walls, resin flooring, in a restoration everything is concentrated to maximize the antique giving it a modern life.

Our Building Restoration Services in Tuscany

We at Biemme Restauri have a proven track record in Building Restoration work in Tuscany.

We always put the client's needs at the centre of our work so as to fully meet their expectations and ensure a final result of excellent quality.

Our strong point is the 360° restoration, from the design to the realization of all parts of the house collaborating with the best craftsmen in the field. We take care of the necessary paperwork for the interventions. With Biemme Restauri, the client only has to imagine his new beautiful home and we will make it happen.

Among the main Building Restoration Services in Tuscany we offer:

  • Facades

  • Roofs

  • Floors

  • Terracotta or Stone Waxing

  • Plasterboard

  • Coatings

  • Plastering Ceilings

  • Painting Doors and Windows

  • Wallpapering

  • Carpeting

  • Lime Putty

  • Skimming

  • Cliffs

  • Profiles

  • Pile


What is meant by conservative building restoration?

Conservative building restoration includes activities that are not aimed at transforming the building but at preserving it

What is the Difference between Renovation and Special Maintenance?

What activities fall under building restoration of historic buildings?

Do you want to restore a House in Tuscany?

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